7- Smaller portions
The Japanese women’s slimming secret? Favor small plates. This habit allows you to consume fewer calories, let alone achieve a slimmer waistline. Moreover, this gesture allows operating a psychological subterfuge to our body which will believe that we have eaten enough.

8- Prefer walking
If Japanese women are so envied for their beauty, it is essential for their healthy lifestyle. These Asians are particularly fond of walking and prefer it to public transport. This sustained physical activity allows them to maintain their health by stimulating the cardiovascular function.

9- Cultivating happiness
The inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun enjoy a reputation as wise and discerning men. They favor happiness in their lives and have even found a name for it, “Ikigai”, which means “the value of cheerfulness”. Japanese philosophy also emphasizes gratitude and detachment in the face of life’s obstacles. A state of mind that radiates upon oneself and others.

10- Practicing meditation
Japanese philosophy gives pride of place to nature and contemplation. To recharge their batteries, these radiant women are fond of meditation. A ritual that dispels anxiety and allows them to have younger skin. According to this study, stress accelerates skin aging. So many reasons to relax like these coquettish women!

11- Daily skincare
Japanese women’s smooth, radiant skin is essentially the result of their rigorous beauty routine. And for good reason, these women regularly perform facial massages and use natural oils to moisturize the face. Their technique? They use layering, a 7-step ritual that goes from removing makeup to moisturizing the lips. A complete treatment that gives them a radiant complexion.