11 Ways To Prevent Your Breasts from Sagging

Sagging breasts are a major problem women face. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or mid-40s, keeping your pair perky is something you’ll need to strive for. Your breasts are made of fat, tissues, and milk-producing glands that can be kept in top shape with some easy home remedies. All you need is some dedication towards your girls to maintain their firmness.

Sagging of breasts can occur due to multiple reasons such as aging, pregnancy, wrong exercise, less nutrition, smoking, tanning, wearing a poorly fitted bra, and weight gain or loss. But in spite of all these triggers you can prevent sagging with these life-changing tips.

11-Wear A Good Bra

Wearing a correct-fitting and supportive bra. Choose one that is non-elastic and has wide straps. It should have a snug fit and hold the complete breast tissue into the bra cup. The nipple line should remain between the elbow and the shoulder, whereas the back of the bra should stay between the shoulder blades. Also, do not choose a bra with plastic underwires

10-Take Up A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will ensure that you retain the right weight for your body. It can also help you maintain healthy skin. If you are fond of taking foods rich in carbohydrates, you are likely to have more body fat in your body, and this can lead to an increase in bust size as well. You should invest more in organic foods.

9- Breast exercises

We can’t emphasize this enough but if you want to make your pair firm, you’ll need to take up some exercise that will help them perk up. Push-ups help strengthen the pectoral muscles, which are beneath the breasts. Lifting weights is also helpful.

8- Drink More Water

Drinking water helps your skin maintain its stay supple. Less water in the body makes your skin dull and shrunken, which affects your breasts too. This leads to premature aging.

7- Yoga

You might have enjoyed some back massage in the past. This must have had increased blood circulation in your body. Hot water is known to improve blood circulation, while cold water is known for toning and tightening.

6- Massage

As you shower in the morning or at night, you should switch the water between hot and cold and then massage your breasts. You should always finish your shower with cold water. You can even try to use ice cubes to massage your breasts after a hot shower. However, you should be careful not to numb your boobs.

5- Moisturize your breasts

Apply a mild and safe moisturizer on your breasts as it maintains hydration and firmness. Exfoliation using a gentle body scrub or loofah could also help. A moisturized skin restores elasticity better than dry skin, which may result from stretching.

4- Protect Your Breasts From The Sun

There are instances when you’re going to be out in the sun. Sometimes the sun can be too hot, and this can hurt your skin. The best thing is to apply a high protection sunscreen. You can trust that the sunscreen will save the elasticity or your skin, but also prevent any bodily damage from the harmful UV rays.

The skin of your bust is usually thinner than that of other body parts. It is more penetrable than your arms or even legs. You should, therefore, wear a top that does not expose your breasts. You can choose to show your décolletage but still manage to protect your breasts. This can help prevent breast sagging.

3- Watch your posture.

Maintaining the proper posture not only makes you look better but also removes the unnecessary stress on the joints and tissues that can contribute to sagging. Good posture helps distribute the weight evenly and prevents chest and back pain. Remember that you should always stand with your shoulders back, your head straight, and your stomach tucked in. To maintain this posture just imagine you’re standing against a wall to measure your height!

2- Stop Smoking

Smoking greatly contributes to the aging process that causes tissues to become less firm and elastic. Smoking has also been connected with the destruction of elastin and collagen that are responsible for the beauty of your skin. It also worsens the blood flow and slows down the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells, which may cause premature wrinkles.

1- Sleeping on your stomach

We know, we know, it’s comfy AF, but Dr. Kremer says it’s actually the worst position to sleep in for your boobs, as they are then pressed against a mattress for hours on end.

The side is no good either as this causes breast ligaments to stretch over time unless you can sleep with a pillow under them for support. Otherwise, your best bet is your back.