HAIR CARE Hairstyles Ideas


Finally, summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to show off your best protective styles. Sure, you can wear protective styles any other time of the year, but because of the summer heat, most curlies like to tuck their hair away when doing outdoor activities, like traveling, swimming and laying on the beach.

If you’re the queen of braided styles, we’ve gathered more than a dozen for you to send to your stylist to try next.

13: Sideswept French Braid

 12: French Braid Side Bun

11:Double Side French Braids

10:Dutch Fishtail Side Braid

9:Double Dutch Braid Mini Buns

 8:Double Dutch Pull Thru Braid!

7:Double Dutch Crown Braid

6:Dutch Fishtail Low Bun

5:Dutch Side Braid

4:Elastic Braid

3:Bushel Braid

2:Woven Braid Updo

1: Waterfall Braid High Bun throwback