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20 Braided Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Change your look and try a braided style, the best way to give free rein to your creativity. Your messy ponytail worked well! But after a lifetime of being twisted and tied up at random, it’s begging to retire. And if straight hair is your style of choice, put the flat iron down now: the heat damage is real and will be at its peak now that summer’s here. Cut your styling time in half by switching to a protective, effortless, easy-to-manage style. As the new season approaches, why not try one of these ridiculously pretty, celebrity inspired braided styles instead.

The style options are endless when it comes to braids. From accessorized crown braid to knotless jumbo braids, you’re spoilt for choice. We’ve pulled the braid out of the way to bring you every look for every occasion and every hair texture. Some of these styles may take a big part of your day to achieve, but they’ll last for weeks, while other styles can be done in no time at all. We’ve put together over 20 mood-boosting braided styles to inspire your next look.