All you need is only This one Ingredient to grow long and thick hair!!

There’s a trick, ladies, to make your hair grow much faster. An unknown but effective method, however… it doesn’t necessarily smell very good! The trick is to apply onion juice directly to the root of your hair, look:

How to do it

1. Strain an onion through a juicer.
2. Apply this juice to the root of your hair.
3. Massage lightly.
4. Leave on for 1-2 hours.
5. Then do your usual shampoo.


So, your hair grows faster 🙂 Simple, practical, and effective! It is also the most economical and natural remedy available. If you have the courage, let your lotion work all night long and wash your hair in the morning.

Frequency of use:

This method is radical in order to see your hair grow much faster.

The frequency of use is simple: before each shampoo. So you keep the same shampoo frequency as usual.

Here are a few tips to reduce the smell of onion, if you can’t stand it:

–  only leave this “mixture” on your hair for 1 or 2 hours, and not all night, before shampooing

use a mild shampoo that smells good, which you can leave on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing it

if you wish, do 2 shampoos or use a conditioner

you can also add a little lemon juice to the onion juice, the smell of lemon mitigating that of onion

or if you prefer, essential oil of your choice.


Bonus Tip:

If you don’t have a juice machine, here’s how to get your onion juice:

Peel your onion, remove the green shoots, and cut it into pieces.
Blend it in a blender.
Place an old stocking without a hole on a funnel and put it on the bottle where you want to pour the juice.
blende onion into the stocking and squeeze well.