Better than botox, this Turkish mask owes its benefits to the softening, regenerating and moisturizing properties of honey and the antioxidant virtues of vitamin E, which fights against free radicals and the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers. Cinnamon is an outstanding ally for the skin, it helps to regulate sebum production.

Facial gymnastics that smooth
How about getting your face to do a little gym to reshape and tone it on a daily basis? For a maximum effect against wrinkles, combine massages, treatments and facial gym exercises to better relax the features.

For crow’s feet, for example, do this simple exercise, close your eyes and then widen them as much as possible.
The easiest exercise in the world is to pronounce the letters “u” and “o” in a hen’s ass.
To fight sagging neck, lift your chin up to the sky, and make a grimace by pushing your jaw forward, you will feel the tightness under your chin. Hold the position for a few seconds, and repeat the exercise about ten times.
To tighten the eye contour, place the index fingers on the outer corner of the eye and stretch the skin slightly at the sides as if you were redrawing the eyebrow line until the fingers meet at the edge of the eye socket. Repeat 10 times.
To work the muscles of the lower face, and plump the lip, close the jaw, and lower the lower lip, so that you can see the lower row of teeth and feel tension at the corners of the chin. Hold the exercise for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.
It’s in your best interest to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a preference for antioxidant foods and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Also, remember to protect your skin from UV rays to ensure good muscle tone and healthy skin.